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The Stretch Loop

Product Review
Recently, we were able to try out a product that can enable a person to get a good lower body stretch more easily. The Stretch Loop, brainchild of Mario Tardif of M.T. Creates, Inc., seeks to simplify as well as extend the benefits of your stretch routine. 

Handy and easy to use, the Stretch Loop has you use your own body weight to comfortably make the most of your stretching.  Comprised of a rope and pulley fixture, it is simple enough for anyone to work with, whether an avid runner needing to stretch out your leg muscles before a run, a yoga instructor looking for a break in the routine of floor stretches, or a kid in a martial arts class. Easily portable you don’t have to forgo the best part of your exercise program just because you’re travelling.

Important for stress reduction, balance improvement, muscle performance and more, stretching is most often completed on the floor, alone, with a partner or with an unstable chair. For those who are uncomfortable or even just bored with these options, the Stretch Loop presents an enjoyable alternative.  The rope is slid through the pulley which is affixed to either an eyehook in the ceiling or to a door jamb bracket.  Your ankle goes through the looped end of the rope, and your hand gently pulls to create resistance at the opposite end. A noteworthy benefit…breathing during the stretching is improved by the standing position thereby increasing your oxygen intake and enhancing your workout.

A quick set-up option is provided for with the inclusion of a door casing bracket; I would check the sizes of your door jambs first; you may not need to order the “kit with door bracket” if the bracket won’t fit.  If this is the case, a large eye hook is what you’ll need for installation; directions for this are included in the kit.

A large diagram clearly illustrating 8 leg-stretch exercises is also included in the kit and can be hung on the wall near your Stretch Loop for easy reference; for me this is a very handy and necessary visual aide. I would also encourage you to visit the Stretch Loop website to view photographs and video of the Stretch Loop in use; this was very helpful for me! M.T. Creates affords their customers ample support through the website.  Instructions are thorough and should be read carefully for safety information.  A certain degree of physical ability is needed to perform these exercises, but with practice, they should become routine. 
To learn more visit The Stretch Loop website.

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